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SikaBond®-T35 is a one-component, low-VOC, low odor, moisture cured polyurethane adhesive for full surface bonding of wood flooring. SikaBond®-T35 will tenaciously bond wood to most surfaces, includ­ing concrete, plywood, and leveling and patch underlayments that have been properly prepared.

Where to Use: Used to bond all engineered, solid plank flat milled,shorts up to max. 3/4″ thick, including bamboo, cork and parquet hardwood flooring designed by the manufacturer for glue down applications. This adhesive can also be used for many other bonding applications that are common for light commercial and residential applications.

Advantages: 170% Elongation | Low odor | Easy to trowel | Excellent workability | Fast curing | Crack bridging | Suitable for common types of wood floors | Suitable for in-floor radiant heat installation | Contains no water| Tenacious bond

Packaging: 5 gal. bucket