DuraSeal Pre-Treat 32oz.

DuraSeal® Pre-Treat is specifically formulated to optimize the adhesion of DuraSeal® X-TERRA® Floor Finish to polyurethane finished hardwood floors and prefinished floors treated with aluminum oxide and other prefinished coatings. It is also an excellent choice for use on Sport Floor finishes. Used in conjunction with the DuraSeal® Pre-Treat Pad, these two products will sufficiently clean and abrade the floor to ensure satisfactory results when refinishing these types of floors. This product is ready to use, do not dilute. Note: Do not use this product on any floor that has been waxed or oiled. If unsure, test a small area of the floor with a rag dampened with mineral spirits. If a wax residue appears as a shiny glaze on the rag, do not recoat with finish. DuraSeal® does not guarantee adhesion of finish over wax or oil residues.

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Clean floor thoroughly: vacuum and/or sweep floor to remove loose dirt and grit.

Spray DuraSeal® Pre-Treat over a large section of the floor (approximately 3″ x 12″). With a standard speed buffer (175 rpm), spray and buff the floor using two DuraSeal® Pre-Treat Pads (one driving the other), so the pad contours the floor more effectively and ensures any foreign material is removed. Use of two DuraSeal® Pre-Treat Pads in conjunction with DuraSeal® Pre-Treat will provide sufficient abrasion needed to ensure adhesion. Note: Beveled edges and any visibly unbraided areas should be cleaned and abraded by hand.

Remove all residues immediately using a mop or wrung out cotton tack rag dampened with DuraSeal® Pre-Treat.

When dry, immediately apply DuraSeal® X-TERRA® Floor Finish in the sheen of your choice, making sure to follow the label instructions. Keep from freezing.

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